As the World Turns…

20150820_134215[1]Well it has been a few weeks since our last post. As many of you know life does not stop just because you have a sailboat project waiting on you. I have walked by the boat many times wishing I could take the time to do some work on it. Unfortunately for the boat project, my family had some needs that required my attention as well as the church. So I am sure that everyone who has ever tackled this type of project has encountered this time management issue. We do plan to get back to work on it by next week. That’s our plan, Lord willing. Until then keep on the lookout for our next blog post and video. We are getting close to doing some fiberglass work!

See yall!


Our To-Do list keeps growing and growing!

Ok yall, I have done it! I have officially started to get this boat in shape. I know, we have yet to get to the challenging stuff but I have made some progress by taking all the hardware and wood out of the boat. (You can see the details about that if you watch the video. Video page)


I have also started a list of things to do. I am realizing that most of the things on this list have their own more detailed list of things to do within themselves. While we are working on the boat during our “free time”, we are conflicted between the feeling that this project is possible, and the overwhelming task that makes us feel that we may never get to the water. So we take it one day at a time and one task at a time. After all, there is no rush. So thanks for checking out our blog page, (please subscribe and share with others) and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and also subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

This is just the beginning of our list of things to do.

[ ] Take wood pieces to garage
[ ] Sand and re-finish wood
[ ] Strip hardware
[ ] Replace or restore hardware
[ ] Wash and bleach interior and exterior
[ ] Fiberglass repair
[ ] Remove keel, repair and paint
[ ] Sand and paint inside and out
[ ] Remove and re-seal windows
[ ] Build a new tiller
[ ] Repaint rudder
[ ] Redo electrical system
[ ] Repair or replace sales
[ ] Repair or replace all lines
[ ] Restore trailer
[ ] Buy or make seat cushions
[ ] Obtain safety equipment
[ ] Buy a motor with gas tank on the motor